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FDA Testing

All SunBioLogic sunscreens meet FDA safety standards to qualify as an over the counter drug.  The products are manufactured in a certified OTC facility, which adheres to FDA regulations.  The manufacturer also has a USDA organic certification.

Lab Test Qualifications

1. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Determination (FDA) Static Test

  • Clinically tested to meet FDA regulations
  • Results: SPF 30+ Labeling

2. In-Vitro Broad Spectrum (FDA) Test

  • Critical Wavelength Determination
  • Results: Positive Claim for Broad Spectrum on the label
3. FDA Water Resistance Determination (FDA) Test
    • For our 0.6 oz kids and sport sunscreen sticks
    • Clinically tested to meet FDA regulations
    • Results: Highest FDA approved level of 80 Minutes

    4. Microbial Challenge Testing

    • Results: Passed for all Microbial Tests

    5. Accelerated Shelf Life Testing

    • Results: FDA two-year regulations
    6. Long Term Shelf Life Testing