SunBioLogic Sport/Kids/Baby 30+ Sunscreen meets FDA safety standards to qualify for an over the counter drug. The product is manufactured in a certified OTC facility, which adheres to FDA regulations.

Pharmaceutical and Organic Standards

SunBioLogic Sport/Kids/Baby 30+ Sunscreen is manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility. The Active Ingredient non-nano zinc oxide 23% is pharmaceutical grade, mined in the USA, and tested for impurities. The Inactive Ingredients are UDSA certified organic. These organic ingredients are carefully selected to provide protection in both hot and cold environments without degrading. A Non-GMO, non-synthetic, vitamin E extract has been added to prevent rancidity and provide antioxidant protection. All ingredients provided have a Certificate of Analysis.

SunBioLogic Sport/Kids/Baby 30+ Sunscreen is not only safe for humans, but it is also safe for the environment. Such countries as New Zealand, Australia, and Iceland are setting the standards for the use of non-chemical sunscreens in the earth’s waters. Hawaii is the first state in the United States to ban sunscreen chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. SunBioLogic sunscreen is reef safe, non-toxic to sea and marine life, and biodegradable.

Logical Standards

Chemical Free

Dye Free

Fragrance Free


Paraben Free

Soy Free

Sulfate Free

Made in the USA